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BSA utilizes state-of-the-art modeling to ensure that your project progresses seamlessly from the design stage to the actual build.

Years of Experience

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BSA has a long track record of successfully designing residential, commercial, recreational, educational and industrial facilities.

Award Winning Architecture

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Known for his many award winning designs around the Lake Tahoe area, BSA is an important and respected business in the Tahoe region.

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bshinault-fixBrian Shinault is the Tahoe Architect that is sensitive to the unique
natural features of Lake Tahoe, yet he designs to reflect your individual wishes. Licensed in California and Nevada, his many years of Architectural excellence insure the prompt success of your project, large or small, commercial or residential. BSA provides architectural design/ consulting services both in the public and private sectors for projects including educational, commercial, residential, recreational and industrial facilities.

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1997 Architects Award
By: T.R.P.A. Redevelopment Project
Project: Al’s Chevron Way

1997 Architects Award
By: T.R.P.A. New Commercial Project
Project: Meyers Station

1997 Architects Award
By: T.R.P.A.
Commercial Modification
Project: Emerald Bay Physical Therapy

1999 Architectural Design Award
By: Travelodge
Remodel Design of the Year
Project: Park Ave Travelodge

2000 Architects Award
By: T.R.P.A. Redevelopment Project
Project: Forest Inn / Lobby – Wedding Chapel

2001 Large Remodel Design
By: South Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce
Project: Travelodge Hotel

2001 Small Commercial Building Design
By: South Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce
Project: Lakefront Professional Building

2002 SLTCC New Commercial Project / Design Award
Perkins Ski Shop / Office Complex S. Lake Tahoe

2002 SLTCC Remodel / Modification Design Award
Feldman – Shaw Law Office Roundhill NV

2004 SLTCC Remodel / Modification Design Award
Emerald Bay Dentistry / South Lake Tahoe